This was made in javascript , only using jquery. The main purpose of this game,is to show off the particle system, that combines physics with randomness, to create awesome effects.

Short tutorial:

  • when you have you trail red, it means your special ability is ready:  
    press "E" to heal or "Q" to deal damage to all enemies on the screen... Each time you use this ability, the load time is doubled!
  • press space to accelerate
  • rotate with "A" and "D"
  • press "S" to shoot

Guide to enemies:

  1. blue enemies: medium movement speed, can only deal damage by hiting the ship, can be destroyed by hiting it once
  2. red enemy: fast movement speed, can go trough walls, and exit the map, can deal damage only by hiting the ship
  3. green enemies: medium movement speed, can shoot, at a medium rate, a bullet has an attack of 25
  4. brown enemies: very slow movement speed, can shoot at a slow rate, a bullet has an attack of 25, can go trough walls and exit the map,100 hp(destroyed by 4 bullets)
  5. white enemies: slow movement speed, can heal other enemies, 50 hp(destroyed by 2 bullets)
  6. multi-color enemies: medium movement speed, can shoot at a fast rate, each bullet has an  attack of 5, 75hp(destroyed by 3 bullets)

Other important things:

  • the background shows the hp: vlack means max, and white means min.
  • the next wave would start when you destroy all the enemies, or when the time runs out
  • the red arc from the background represents the timer
  • this game is computation heavy, so you may need a decent computer
  • this shouldn't be played on mobile

I managed to finish this in 1 and a half days, because the last week i was busy with high school (its awful to have 6 tests a week)

Tell me what you think in the comments!!! Any positive criticism is appreciated!!!

Many thanks to:

  • Teodora Matei(my sister) for play-testing my game!
  • Calin Avram - for making the awesome music and art!


github repo

Development log

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