There will be cake!

Music by Fatal Exit:


Itch page

SFX by AmythystMorris

Many thanks to:

  • Nev
  • Mao
  • BlueGhost
  • Space Core
  • Calin Avram
  • Silviu Christian 
  • Andrei Ciobanica
  • Vyctor 661
  • catwild
  • mattheenstra
  • SomeRandomDev

All your ideas/tips/beta testing/other forms of help made me finish this in time!!!

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Good game. Worked well. Love the music. But needs a bit more explaining at first i was really confused as to what to do , since the portal diagram is out of the way

Thanks! Did you get it till the end?

I only got how the game worked by realising the name and working out what to do then I reloaded the game to look for ther instruction to check for instruction but they are quite far out of the way. You need to make it really obvious what to do

Awesome game :) Tried it in waterfox and experienced a glitch with the UI but it works fine in chrome. Glad I could contribute a soundtrack for it :)